Swan Music Stand

I've been meaning to build a new music stand for some time now, a new design to replace the first one I've ever built over ten years ago. Something curvy and artistic, but adjustable. A design I haven't seen before.

It was also an attempt to bring together all of my design ideas into one piece. Smooth arcs that flowed into long base legs. Graceful curves that intersect in sharp facets. Laminations that aren't merely decorative, but also structural. And lots of coves and chamfers.

I brought every technique and trick I had in my arsenal in its implementations, but despite my efforts, I ended up picking up a lot of new skills. I learned to apply stringing. I turned my first knob. And this was my first foray into mixing hand tools with my usual power tools. I am grateful to my friends who ushered me into the world of tool lust.

Incidentally, this piece was entered into the 2015 AWFS Fresh Wood Student competition. The photos here are the official ones used in the initial entry; the finish hadn't been applied yet. (I will correct this when I have the time.) While it made it into the show (my main goal), it didn't place. The fact that my friends and family were generous and vocal in their outrage meant more to me than actually winning.


June 2015