Three-Legged Plant Stand

A simple plant stand in cherry and walnut. Funny thing is, some people see the photo and assume it's a large side table. It's actually the size of a child's footstool. Maybe someday I'll make a larger version. That'll show them.

It was harder to make than it looks. When gluing wood, you need to clamp the pieces together, and clamps, generally, only pull in one direction. So I designed a three-way clamp for the pieces of the top. The legs also had to be milled very precisely to fit. In woodworking, there are a lot of little tricks to make joints look perfect. In this case, I couldn't use them. There were no shortcuts.

I built this to elevate a lamp in our living room, but the only object I could think of that would best describe it would a plant stand. A lot of concerned friends made sure to tell me not to put an actual plant on it, as the water would damage the wood. I feel very blessed having such friends.