Vintage Mailbox Coin Bank

A commission piece for a friend. They had found a coin bank made from an antique mailbox at a flea market in Quartzite, Arizona. The wooden box around the antique part of the box had completely come undone, the joints failed, finish flaked off. They asked me if I wouldn't mind building a new box, saving the antique door, lock, and frame.

And I happened to have saved this piece of curly walnut for something special.

This is probably one of my faster builds, done in a few days. The board had a branch growing out of it; that became the back. The dot on the center become the dot on the exclamation point formed by the coin slot. Miter jonits reinforced with keys give it a clean, modern look, while retaining strength, and making the material the star. The finish is Sam Maloof blend, two coats only to keep the finish satin. 

Sad to see that board go, but very happy to see it go to a good home, one a good piece.


April 2017